by Atelier 2+ | Thailand

A bathroom furniture, a dresser, a wardrobe or a dressing table? A common purpose is for a process of beauty. We try to shape a space between a bathroom and a dressing room in which privacy and individual space are given. Combining a wooden structure and ceramic fixture, the space of beauty is hidden inside. The piece of furniture will define the room when the inner space is unveiled.

Atelier2+” is a design studio based in Bangkok. The studio was founded in 2010. We are interested in many form of creativity from architecture, art, craft and design. We also collaborate with other design studio both locally and internationally. Our work is somewhere between art and design, theoretical and practical. We both graduated in Interior Architecture at KMITL, Thailand in 2003 and later obtain Master of Fine Art in furniture design and textile design from Konstfack, Sweden in 2009.