by De Intuitiefabriek | The Netherlands

For Cotto’s Quado series De Intuïtiefabriek designed a bathroomcabinet ‘Facade’; a “facade” of mirrors that opens like an accordion.Behind the mirrors you’ll find storage space accompanied by bathroom accesories. Opening the mirror doors makes it possible to look at yourself from different angles. There is a five- and a three- door cabinet in the same size which can be linked to each other endlessly to create as big of a mirror facade as one wishes.The outside of the cabinet shows a simple and quiet image of self reflection, like the facade of a building or a persons look one can only see its outer beauty. The inside shelve structure with its content reveals a lot more about the space of beauty. It shows more distinct materials, shapes and details that are to be complemented with personal items. Like the inside of a fossil ‘Facade’ shows its inner beauty. Combined contrasts to get the best of both worlds.

De Intuïtiefabriek is an all female designstudio finding common ground in their intuitive way of working and their use of materials and techniques. They bring them to create within different fields of design; from slipcasting porcelain to blowing glass and bending wood. The outcomes vary from furniture to tableware and jewelry. To De Intuïtiefabriek designing is all about craftsmanship, the touch of material and the actual act of making things. Their aim is to create perfectly crafted products, from which you can feel the love with which they were made. They create a pure, precise and almost fragile feeling, taking the observer into a new world.