When the beauty of home decoration is no longer limited only to areas visible to visitors. Instead, beauty invades personal spaces like the bathroom - our personal world, where we spend time beautifying and pampering ourselves freely. How do we turn it into a space of beauty to fulfill these beautifying activities of ours?

COTTO Another Perspective 3 invites 10 groups of designers and architects from 6 countries to discover fresh perspectives of beauty for the bathroom – your personal world of freedom. With their diverse cultural backgrounds and experience, 10 new designs are conceived and presented in accordance with COTTO’s concept, image, products, and philosophy.

Tuesday 14 April – Saturday 18 April: 10:00 – 20:00 H
Sunday 19 April: 10:00 – 18:00 H

Wednesday 15 April: 20:00 – 22.00 H

Over the years, COTTO has become more and more established as a world-class manufacturer of tiles and sanitary ware from Thailand. COTTO products are a result of substantial investment in pioneering production technology and extensive researches which allow us to best understand and respond to the behaviors and the culture of consumers in each locality of the world. Our stance is to be the responsible trendsetter in the tiles and sanitary ware industry. Such ambition will position us as the brand that bring “Pride and Pleasure” to our customers eventually.