by Rui Pereira + Ryosuke Fukusada | Portugal + Japan

Osiloi, a white powder used by Japanese Maiko to cover their face and neck, has the power to transform the perception of a simple human being into a divine creature.

We wanted to translate this metamorphosis process from physical to spiritual into our contemporary daily beauty routines.

In a society driven by the digital, the beauty process is still very analogue and time consuming (apart from the retouches done with Photoshop).

The fact that beauty takes time was central for the development of this project. By adopting the Japanese zabuton style (cushion used to seat on the floor) we aim to change the perception of both time and space while taking care of ourselves. Lowering the seating height and consequently adapting a new posture invites the user to enjoy a new beauty experience, where tools and cosmetics bring you to another dimension. We played with the contrast between soft and warm colors to excite the senses. The use of Cotto’s made in Italy Basalt color Grafite mixed with natural bamboo emphasizes the idea of space meant for natural beauty and balance with yourself, a moment to disconnect.

Ryosuke Fukusada
Born in 1979 in Osaka, Japan. He studied product design at the Kanazawa College of Art from 1998 to 2002. He then worked for Sharp Corporation in Japan as a designer for consumer electronic products until 2007. After transferring to Italy, he graduated from the Domus Academy, Master in Interior and Living Design course. From 2008 to 2012, he worked for the Studio Urquiola in Milan as an assistant designer of product design for Patricia Urquiola. He then started his own design studio from October 2012 in Kyoto, Japan. He currently works with some international clients.

Rui Pereira
Rui Pereira is a product designer born in Portugal. His ceaseless interest in learning from different cultures and mindsets led him to become a nomad: he has lived in Valencia and Milan, where he has worked for Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola and he is currently based in Copenhagen where he works as a design developer for Hay. By working and contacting with different realities he has progressively developed a critical position towards the design industry processes and society in general. His research focus on finding new perspectives and experiences by proposing new product typologies that create an immediate connection with the user and simultaneously raise awareness on relevant contemporary issues.

In his projects, Rui explores the potentialities of the materials and manufacture and makes use of a sharp language to ultimately deliver clear pertinent objects.